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Lettergold Plastics - Water Treatment

Lettergold Plastics Ltd has a long established exclusivity agreement with an international water treatment company to supply high performance water treatment products into the domestic market.

These products are essentially concerned with restoring and protecting wet central heating systems:
  • Central heating cleaner / restorer (liquid and gel concentrate)
  • Central heating corrosion and scale inhibitor / protector
    (liquid and gel concentrate)

Over the years we have enhanced the range to include the following additional products:
  • Domestic hot water system polyphosphate scale inhibitor
  • Central heating boiler noise silencer
  • Central heating internal leak sealer
  • External leak sealer
  • Heat activated solder flux paste (WRAS Approved)
  • White pipe jointing compound
  • Gas & water jointing compound (WRAS Approved)
  • Liquid PTFE
  • Water analysis field test kits
  • Central heating inhibitor test kits
  • Domestic hot water system sterilisation kits
  • Central heating water laboratory analysis
  • F/E tank biocide
  • Electrolytic scale inhibitor (WRAS Approved)

Working in partnership with our customers we have developed innovative methods of delivering treatment chemicals to central heating systems, resulting in the recent grant of a patent for a universal adapter.

We have also assisted our partners in delivering excellent web based technical support.

We don't market any brands of our own (although we do control and license the use of our registered trademarks) but we are the unsung heroes behind a considerable number of leading brands and own-label products.

To find out more, please contact us to discuss your specific requirements or visit our new venture, Lettergold Water Treatment Solutions LLP.

Water Treamtent

Water Treamtent

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